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About Us

VIVI dmaginations in Surprise, Arizona

Sparking connections through embrative style and expression
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Who We Are

VIVI dmaginations(VI) is a fresh and dynamic network of apparel (NOA) designed to spark productive connections thru embrative expressions therefore concinnating all participants. Our President wants all wearers to express who they are and attract others through artistic and inspirational phrases. VI in Surprise, Arizona serves embrators of all ages and from all walks of life worldwide.

Our Mission Statement

VI‘s mission is to ProVIde opportunities for all indiVIduals where authentic, embrative expression is encouraged thus sparking and leading to meaningful, long lasting connections VInclusively.

Our VIsion Statement

VI enVIsions a world where everyone is concinnated and embratively connected by a passion for indiVIdual expressions.

Our Core Values

  • VIllustrious
  • VImmaculate
  • VIndependence
  • VInspiring
  • VIntegrity
  • VInviting

What is Socialtshirting®?

Anthimeria (also known as antimeria): Socialtshirting; plural: Socialtshirtings the interactive donning of embrative apparel wit purposeful intent 2 connect wit othas, especially 4 a laugh, thus leading 2 long lasting relationships… Socialtshirting® allows us 2 c wat ur doing/saying… Embrators r indiVIduals who participate n Socialtshirting® VI aims to bring a new level of fun and social interaction to daily life deliberately offering an exciting and innovative take on the classic t-shirt. VI has a unique approach to garment design, creating products that have a question or prompt on one, and a response to that prompt on another.

When worn together, these garments create an engaging and fun interaction between embrators, encouraging social connection and community building. VI‘s intent is to promote “Social Tshirting®”, a movement that encourages all indiVIduals to participate in the creatively fun act of donning and sharing their unique t-shirt designs. By creating shirts that inspire conversation and interaction, VI is bringing people together in a fun and lighthearted way. Our innovative designs are not only playful and entertaining, but they also offer an opportunity to SPAC…E and expand the network!

At VI, our team is passionate about creating designs that are both eye-catching and thought-provoking. We believe a t-shirt can be a powerful tool for communication and self-expression. Our products reflect this philosophy. In addition to our signature question-and-answer designs, VI also offers a variety of other t-shirt designs that are both stylish and engaging. From bold graphics to clever wordplay, our t-shirts are designed to be fun, inspiring, and unique!

If u have a T-shirt not designed by VI but feel it can b used 2 SPAC…E feel free 2 get VI‘s QR Code w/ logo stitched on2 ur garment so u can b apart of our network!
Embrators scan QR Codes of otha ST Designs as 2 capture d8/location/time of occurrence…ability 2 capture ST sightings & upload directly 2 social media platforms coming soon…

If ur desire is 2 SPAC…E, place’…’ afta ur embrativexpression…
If ur desire is 2 b SPAC…E’d place ‘…’ b4 ur embrativexpression…

Mr. Chase

Management Bio (President)

Mr. Chase served in the U.S. Army from January 2005 to February 2010, earning the rank of CPT. Following his service to his country and honorable discharge, he transitioned his passion feeling compelled to now serve his community by creating a business and platform for all indiVIduals to express themselves freely; therefore, in January 2016, he founded VI. Mr. Chase’s VIsion for VI is not only to create fashionable garments but also to pioneer a social movement called Socialtshirting® thus encouraging everyone to participate.

Got Questions?

For further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to connect with us.