Between What We Wear and What We Feel


Clothes and confidence – does one impact the other? Or, is it the other way around?

Fashion is a special driving force that can affect how a person behaves. For example, our clothes can affect our self-esteem and confidence level. If we wear an outfit that feels good, our confidence gets boosted, which leads to more positive behavior, such as being more sociable and assertive. In the same way, if we do not feel good about what we are wearing, it can affect how we deal with our day.

The clothes we wear also influence our social interactions. Fashion can signal our identity and group affiliations. We can easily connect with like-minded people, and this is made easy by how our clothing matches theirs. Wearing a specific piece of clothing that matches an entire movement can be a good way to spark a connection.

Fashion influences how we feel and can also be the other way around. We have a more interesting topic about our clothes and thoughts through our social T-shirting.

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