Different Factors That Influence Fashion


Fashion is fluid – it constantly evolves and is shaped by different factors. Knowing what influences fashion can help us understand how a piece of clothing becomes popular or poignant.

Here are some of the key influences in the fashion industry:

  • Traditions and way of living influence a person’s clothing. Culture is a significant factor that affects how a person expresses themselves. As such, culture – both in the past and in the present – greatly affects how a person dresses.
  • Societal issues and movements are sentiments that can also be worn. Clothing can also signify being part of a group or a cause. Nowadays, the younger generations are becoming increasingly aware of societal concerns, and they actively show their support for it. The younger generation may try our social T-shirting, to show their sentiments.
  • Modern technology has also affected how fashion is made and spread. Fast fashion has enabled the quick production of clothing. The Internet has also made it easier to share and pick up trends from any part of the world.

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