Reasons Why You Should Mind the Fabric


One may think that textile doesn’t amount to much, but for us, a provider of social T-shirting in Surprise, Arizona, it carries heavy importance in aesthetics, confidence, and comfort. That is why we, VIVId Imaginations, strive to provide the clothing quality that our customers deserve, and everything starts from the fabric of choice.

Here are our reasons why fabric quality matters:

  • It ensures comfort.
    Clothes are primarily made to protect people from the elements like heat, cold, and rain. So, make sure you’re matching them not only to your style but also to the climate. If you are unsure about your choices, a sales representative from your local garments shop may help you out.
  • It achieves satisfaction.
    Fashion designers cannot make great apparel out of a lousy fabric. For example, in our online clothing store, we consider the fabric quality of our T-shirts as much as their look and vibe. Taking this factor out of the process will satisfy neither the designer, tailor, nor wearer. After all, even pieces as simple as a T-shirt can feel premium when made with the best material.
  • It reduces waste and defects.
    We always use the appropriate fabric when making interactive apparel, such as our statement and doodle shirts. Otherwise, we will displease our clients and worse, contribute to the already alarming textile waste. By ensuring quality, we make durable clothes that clients will love and keep for a long time.

We believe that embrative individual expression is essential for every person. But to express oneself fully and openly, especially through fashion, one must pick the best garments.

Want to upgrade your wardrobe with personalized T-shirts that unapologetically speak volumes? Connect with us today!

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