Refresh Your Wardrobe for the New Year: Tips and Ideas


Now that we have entered another fresh year, it’s that time of the year when you need to reevaluate your closet. Now is a good time to take a good look and see if there’s anything you need to get rid of and upgrade. Your clothes can impact and influence you positively, so it’s important to have clothes that best reflect new changes. Hence, we at VIVId Imaginations will share tips and ideas on how to give your wardrobe that much-needed refresh.

  • Determine your needs.

    Evaluate your closet and determine which pieces need to be replaced. You may have old slacks and blouses that need to be replaced with new embrative clothing that reflects who you are today. Old, faded, and most importantly — items that no longer fit need to be replaced.

  • Stock up on the basics.

    Basics are a must-have in any wardrobe. Over time, your plain shirts and coats may get thinner or become a size too small. When browsing clothing at our Network of Apparel (NOA) in Arizona, don’t forget to stock up on the basics. Solid colors like gray, black, and white offer great foundational pieces for your everyday outfits.

  • Consider your silhouette and preferences.

    Our bodies change over time, so it’s best to have a clear idea of your body type and silhouette before going to a garments shop. Base your fashion choices around your body type, so you feel great and look good. Moreover, consider your fashion preferences and opt for patterns and colors that match your personal style.

With VIVId Imaginations in Surprise, Arizona, we offer fresh and dynamic apparel to spark positive and productive connections. Browse our online shop and products on sale.

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