Shout Out on Your Shirt: Ideas for Great Tees


Are you thinking of trying out our social T-shirting in Surprise, Arizona? We’ll be glad to help you in thinking about how to make an unforgettable statement and design! Here is our tried-and-true formula.

  • Don’t overthink it.
    First off, don’t try to think too hard about making a statement. Just let your creative juices flow and write down what you want to convey on your shirt. You are still thinking about it, and it is not final yet, so don’t be afraid to make numerous revisions. Don’t sweat, and showcase your embrative individual expression here.
  • Make the statement meaningful.
    Your reason for getting this interactive apparel may be for a special occasion, such as a festival, a party, or an important cause. Align your statements with the core idea that you want to convey. Look for quotes that share the same idea, examine their use of language, and try writing yours, too.
  • Add depths through design.
    Statements are pretty straightforward, but you can add another layer of subtle meanings through a well-thought design. As seen in the apparel industry, clothes can be a medium of expression and identity by using symbols and print, among others. Design your T-shirt as if you are weaving the statement, the event, and your identity into one piece. Make use of the meanings of colors as well as the fonts to express something succinctly and creatively.

Our online clothing is open for your orders! We make customized shirts for everyone and for any occasion. Call VIVId Imaginations today to learn further.

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