Smart Style: Dressing with Social Awareness


In a world where our dress sense is becoming synonymous with our identity, it’s important we learn how to express our personal style along with consideration for social contexts. The art of social t-shirting in Surprise, Arizona, exemplifies this concept perfectly. 

Going beyond mere print designs on T-shirts, we’re also witnessing a rising interest in embrative fashion. This isn’t just about embracing diverse designs and styles. It’s about embracing the distinct narratives that style carries. It’s the idea of accepting and emboldening a fashion that veers off from the herd, making way for trends that voice diversity, inclusivity, and acceptance. This type of fashion is breaking boundaries, speaking volumes without uttering a word. This movement acknowledges that everyone has a unique story to tell and, rightly so, a unique style to wear.

Falling in line with this trend of “wearable statements,” we now see interactive apparel gaining momentum. This type of clothing aims to initiate conversations and make connections. With designs related to social issues, sports, hobbies, or even your favorite band, interactive apparel exists to stimulate interaction among individuals, creating conversations around shared interests or beliefs. It’s not simply about looking stylish; it’s about creating a shared experience to bridge the distance between strangers.

As these trends continue to shake up the fashion industry, it’s indisputable that the way we dress is becoming more mindful, conscious, and meaning-driven. Brands are netting their efforts into crafting clothing lines that resonate with these emergent trends, fostering a fashion industry that thrives on making style “smart.”

Embrace the shift and become a part of this conscious styling trend. Dress smart, dress socially aware with VIVId Imaginations.

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