Understanding the Psychology Behind the Colors You Wear


Color psychology is the study of how different shades and colors affect your behavior and emotions. Colors play a key role in evoking certain moods and emotions that affect our decisions and judgments. As a business specializing in social t-shirting in Surprise, Arizona we will discuss the various colors and the psychology behind them in clothing:

  • Green

    Green donates safety, harmony, and freshness. This color is soothing to the eyes and produces the least amount of eyestrain as it reminds us of nature. It’s also a solid clothing choice for creating a grounding and restorative vibe when designing t-shirts in Arizona.

  • Yellow

    Due to its bright tone, yellow is considered the happiest of all colors and stimulates optimism and joy. In the fashion industry, this color is often used in spring or summer fashion trends as it embodies change and positivity. Hence, it’s often used in swimwear and activewear.

  • Red

    Red is an intense color that signifies passion, power, dominance, and courage. It’s often a color used during intimate celebrations and events. On the other hand, red also has biological effects and is known to increase one’s heart rate which is why it’s predominantly used in warning signages.

  • White

    White is considered a neutral color as it has an inviting nature that is easily embraced by all. It universally represents purity and is often associated with simplicity and cleanliness. When it comes to interactive apparel, it’s a suitable choice for numerous occasions as it can be easily matched with different styles and expressions.

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