Why Statement Shirts Are Not Going Anywhere


Big and bold or thin and cursive? Whichever style you like, statement tees will not look good on you as your medium to stylishly advocate for something. Even the fashion industry thinks that they are a powerful way to show solidarity with a cause.

As a trusted network of apparel (NOA) in Arizona, here are some reasons why we, VIVId Imaginations, think statement shirts are not going anywhere.

  • A slogan on your top is rarely left unnoticed.
    Powerful and eye-catching, wearing a slogan of feminism or a strike against injustice will get people thinking. Might you be someone who believes that all day, all year, politics exists? Speak about what you believe in with our online clothing services. Who knows, you might just persuade others into speaking out, too.
  • Promote positivity and peace.
    Do you have a pun you’re so proud of you might even wear them if you could? Well, now you can because when designing T-shirts in Arizona, we let you decide how exactly you’d like the print to be. Wearing encouraging tees shows people what kind of person you are, but more importantly, reminds you of who you are.
  • Wear them in high or low fashion.
    Of course, statement shirts are never going anywhere because they are also versatile clothing items. You can pair them with your favorite jeans and shoes, and you’re off to go! You can also wear it along with your high-end items, like with a designer skirt and boots.

Without even having to utter a word, you’ve visibly gotten your thoughts off your chest with statement shirts. So, rock that quote that has been keeping you going. Connect with VIVId Imaginations in Surprise, Arizona today!

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