What’s with Clothes, Our Thoughts, and Lifestyle?


Do you spend time creating your outfits? Do you use fashion as a form of expression, statement, rebellion even? Does your getup affect your thoughts and behavior? VIVId Imaginations believes that the fashion industry does so. Find out how below.

  • It makes you think and sparks artistry.
    Creating your looks requires focus and innovation; it can become an artistic practice for any fashionable person. With a quantity restraint of clothing items and varying purposes, you exercise your creativity and try practical (or sometimes unconventional) looks.
  • It influences your behavior.
    Think about when you’re in your athletic wear. Because it physically symbolizes your fitness and health goals, it motivates you to actually do your exercise routine. It reminds you why you want to exercise and gives you one less excuse not to.
  • It boosts your confidence.
    When designing T-shirts in Arizona with statements or artworks or for parties and festivities, wearers become inclined to emulate the vibe printed on their tops. Festive designs bring out their spontaneity, and powerful statements empower them–such is the effect of fashion.

As a network of apparel (NOA) in Arizona, we’ve seen and experienced how pieces as seemingly simple as T-shirts can bring out the best in a person. That is one of the reasons why we ensure to deliver the best quality social T-shirts for our clients!

Want to experience the brain-changing effects of clothing? VIVId Imaginations in Surprise, Arizona, can help you. Contact us today!

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